Special Notice

Updated 22nd July 2021

The following image has been released by Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council in connection with forthcoming work to convert the bare ground infront of Ringrose Orchard into a car park.

The associated Traffic Regulation Order notice can be found here.

Original post

This page contains information about proposed development of the piece of bare ground  in front of the Ringrose Orchard. Although such development will not be part of the Townscape Heritage Project, the project’s Partnership Board firmly believe that this land, colloquially called “the Mud Patch”, should become a properly laid out and fitted out car park. The project manager has recently received the following proposal from the Borough Council:

“This proposal includes one-way circulation, and for the council to adopt this as a public car park, we have to comply to best-practice guidance, limiting manoeuvres to a minimum.   Having two separate entrance/exit points (splitting the car park into two) requires turning spaces to be incorporated. Should the car parks be full, 3 point turns or reversing back out would be required and this should be avoided.    The actual loss of car parking spaces between this recommended option and earlier versions is only two spaces.    This recommended and approved option maximises car flow around the car park and makes it a safer option to implement.

 Subject to future agreement on the current store building, the car park could be expanded as a phase 2 in the future. The scheme incorporates 4nr electrical charging points.   It could be that we initially go live with two, but futureproof for four, as these will be designated for electric vehicles only.

 The council will hope to conclude the design development stage and move onto technical design in the coming months.”

The design diagram can be download here. Please note that it is an A1 sheet (that’s equivalent to 8x A4 sheets) and printing it is not recommended.

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council have asked us to indicate that the proposal is not yet fully funded and that they will be making a bid for support to the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

If you have any comments on the proposal, please let Lawrence Kerrigan know on: