The Project Office has now closed at the end of its Lease term.   If you need to contact the Project, please use the Contact form.

The Skelton Townscape Heritage Project is unique amongst National Lottery-funded Townscape schemes in the North East, having been originated and now run by a local community group, Skelton Villages Civic Pride.

Together with our partners and the Heritage Lottery Fund (NHLF), our mission has been to re-vitalise Skelton High Street over the five years to the end of 2020.

We have carried out, and will continue to carry out, a whole range of activities which will support the physical work of change by providing a greater understanding of Skelton’s rich and long history.

We have used the work of the project to engage with the local community of Skelton and to seek to involve as many as possible as volunteers on different aspects of our work and activities.