Activity 3 – Recorded memories

The importance of real history

In any community there is an enormous repository of local historical knowledge in the memories of its citizens.  There may have been some momentous event in the past which affected many people; or there may be just a memory of when some particular building was demolished or built.

During the second and third years of the project we will capture the memories of some of our villagers.   We have already trained our volunteers to undertake the work of meeting people and assembling their recorded memories.   Each interview is best undertaken if the interviewer is accompanied by a supporter. The role of the supporter includes:

  • Fulfilling the requirements of “Safeguarding” (i.e. being a chaperone for all parties)
  • Helping the interviewee to complete the Consent Form, whilst the interviewer sets up the equipment
  • Keeping track of the passing time

As you can see, no specialised skills are required to be a supporter. If you feel that you could contribute a half day or two in this role, please call in at the project office, 97 High Street, Skelton and have a chat with the project manager, John Haw.

At the conclusion of this activity, the digital recordings and a transcription of them will be given to Teesside Archives. They will thus be available to future researchers and historians.