Activity 8 – Mosaic trail

A visible record of history along the High Street

This Activity, which is specifically supported by our partner, the Skelton & Brotton Parish Council, has an ambitious aim.   It plans to bring together local historical expertise, local secondary school children, local craft skills and local businesses to illustrate history and assist tourism in the form of a Mosaic trail.

We intend to develop the trail through the village, incorporating businesses and premises of historical significance.   We have worked with students at Freeborough Academy, Skelton Youth Club members and the Skelton History Group, together with property owners, to identify the appropriate buildings.   Designs (samples shown below) have been created based on the history of the buildings involved.

Mosaics are now being developed with local artists and will be placed with the help of the school students. Some completed mosiacs, and work in progress on others, are shown below.

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