Activity 4 – Snapshot in Time


The 2019 Volunteer form is now available for download here. This year’s fieldwork will take place from 23rd to 27th September. Even if you participate for just one day, the next time you walk down a familiar street you will actively look at the buildings rather than merely see them.

Exploring the Buildings of Skelton

STH-IMG-186-Activity 4_TeesArch001

(Image courtesy of Tees Archaeology)

As part of the Skelton Townscape Heritage Project, Tees Archaeology led a project to record the buildings of the historic core of Skelton. This created a descriptive snapshot of the buildings at a moment in time; hence the activity title. The material thus assembled will provide a reference and research tool for anybody interested in investigating the heritage of Skelton in the future.

For one week in September each year, 2016-2018, our volunteers, who had been  trained in the necessary techniques, worked in small teams to capture the necessary information about the buildings within the Conservation Area of the village. This was a wonderful opportunity to look at the village from a different point of view. Each day’s fieldwork involved time spent outdoors, recording the details of the buildings, followed by time indoors, creating the digital record for each building (see the example below). Click on the thumbnail image to see a zoomable PDF version.STH-IMG-005-Activity-4.jpg

Please also see Tees Archaeology’s Website.

A 4th tranche will be undertaken in the autumn of 2019. This will cover some of the outlying areas and also the changes brought about in the High Street by the project.