Activity 4 – Snapshot in Time

The second of three, week-long sessions took place between 11th and 15th September 2017, based in Skelton Townscape Heritage Offices. This session had 12 people volunteering, providing a total of 24 days work, and recording 55 buildings in the process. There was good co-operation from local people who were very happy to tell us more about their properties. The 2016 session of work had recorded the High Street from Coniston Road east and this session recorded the western part of the High Street and started work on the Town Green. The project recorded all structures in the area ranging from the relatively modern Fire Station to the War Memorial on the green and the hope is that most of the Conservation Area will be recorded by the time the project finishes next year. If this is not accomplished, the remaining work could be taken forward by local people.

The first session of this Activity had taken place between 21st – 24th September 2016, when eight volunteers, led by Tees Archaeology, were trained in how to create basic records of buildings. This was the beginning of the Skelton ‘Snapshot in Time’ activity, intended to create a systematic record of all the buildings of the historic core of Skelton.STH-IMG-005-Activity-4.jpg

During the subsequent 26 volunteer days of work in 2016, a total of 45 building records were created (see example opposite). These covered more than 45 buildings, since short terraces of similar properties were given a single building number.

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Please also see Tees Archaeology’s Website.


This is a wonderful opportunity to be shown how to look at the village from a different point of view. Each day’s fieldwork involves time spent outdoors, recording the details of the buildings, followed by time indoors, creating the digital record for each building.

You will never walk down any village, town or city street again without looking at the buildings around you in a totally new light. If you would like to make a contribution to this activity next year, by participating for a day, or more, please download the form for volunteers  and return it as directed.