Activity 6 – Medieval re-enactment

Bringing history to life – 4th August 2018

Well, it’s over! Wasn’t it a grand day?

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This part of our Activity Plan was aimed at bringing to life a key part of the history of Skelton and to link this with the range of Activities within the Project.

Our Medieval Re-enactment Event took place in the hot summer of 2018.   We would like to record our thanks to the full range of our participants and contributors.

Our participants were:

On the Field:

  • The Red Wyverns – our medieval re-enactors
  • Stockton Archers – providing training for a latter-day Agincourt!
  • Cathie Sprague – our peripatetic jester

In the Marquee:

  • Helen Gaunt and Derek Mosey – our mosaic artists, letting everyone have a go in support of the Mosaic Trail (See Activity 8)!
  • The Skelton History Group – showing their research on Skelton’s History
  • Tees Archaeology – with their finds from the Boroughgate Dig (See Activity 1)
  • Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Community Development team – display of community group activity in Skelton
  • Cleveland Police – displaying leaflets with safety messages
  • Skelton Villages Civic Pride and the Townscape Heritage Project also featured their displays.

Our food wagons:

  • Roche Catering
  • Bradley’s Farmhouse
  • Delish

Our contributors were:

  • Skelton & Gilling Estate – for firewood for the Red Wyverns
  • Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Countryside Rangers – For assisting with the event plan, contributing ideas and equipment and for helping establish the event arenas
  • Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Green Team – For help in setting up and in    packing away and collecting the litter bins
  • Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Highways staff – For organising road signage
  • Skelton Bowling Club – For use of their building and grounds and providing have-a-  go-bowling on the day

Thanks also to Castlewood (toilets), Invictus (Site Security), Dobson (Marquee), Nerams (First Aid), Nixon’s (Fencing) and H E Wooley (Fire Protection)

Massive thanks to our team of volunteer marshalls, without whose efforts the event could not have taken place.

Our particular thanks go to Jo Mead of Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council’s Community Development team, who co-planned and co-managed the event (along with Project Officer John Haw).

With special recognition for Tony Harding, for his original idea and his contact with the Red Wyverns to set the ball rolling.

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