Main work – Public Realm


Seymour’s are now expecting to complete the main public realm contract by the 18th August, or thereabouts.   They will be carrying out the following works during this week:

  1. Completion of the new steps outside “Stiches” and “Shorts”
  2. Landscaping of the site at the bottom of “The Hills” including seats, trees and a new shrub planting bed
  3. Putting up the railings on the new community mosaic wall and re-pointing the old wall in front
  4. Planting five trees at the western end on the High Street – two on the Co-op side and three on the other side.
  5. Putting new street furniture in place – cycle racks, new bins and benches
  6. Completing any snagging work, some of which may stretch into the following week.

We expect our Community Mosaic artists to have completed their work on the mosaic by the end of August.   Erection of the mosaic is expected in September.   Planting of the bed in the wall will then take place in October.

Progress in pictures

A lot has happened over the past few weeks. Please note: the slideshow does not attempt to present the images in chronological sequence.

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An update re trees:

STH-IMG-055-Public Realm-DSC_3072

Our contractors have dug trial pits recently on both sides of the road by the Co-op. These have revealed that many of the services (gas, water, drainage, etc) were not in the positions indicated to us by the Utility companies. We have also “unearthed” some services not shown on any plans. As a consequence, there will now be only TWO trees in front of the Co-op. We are still putting THREE trees on the other side of the road. The specialist sub-contractors are currently installing the watering & root-support system. This will then be covered up and the paving around the tree locations completed by Seymour’s. The trees themselves will be planted towards the end of the contract in late July when the landscaping scheme at the bottom of “The Hills” is undertaken. This scheme will contain a further three trees.

Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors Limited began work in the High Street on Tuesday 30th May. The works will last for nine weeks. Persons who park their vehicles on land next to the Co-op food store should note that the area currently occupied by the front row of vehicles will be fenced off for part of the contract to allow construction of the new planting bed, wall and railings.

You are asked to co-operate by moving your vehicle when requested.

During the previous week Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors Limited established their site compound on the cleared land once occupied by Home Farm. Notices are being delivered to all properties affected by this work.

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The Public Realm work will be the first significant sign of project work in the High Street. Work that has already been completed for this is as follows:

  • November 2016 to December 2016
    • Detailed design, consultation and preparation of tenders
  • January 2017 to March 2017
    • Out to tender for contractors

The remainder of the programme is expected to be:

  •  May 2017 to September 2017
    • Carry out the contract, install mosaic and carry out planting

The planting scheme includes some ornamental trees, Prunus calleyana. The photograph gives an indication as to their shape.

STH-IMG-053-Purus Calleryana

Another aspect of the public realm work is the creation and installation of a large mosaic panel. The design proposal for this can be seen here.

All the design drawings for the public realm work can be found here. The overall plan is shown below and can be viewed as a zoomable PDF by clicking on the image.